Sunday, September 7, 2014

Top Mommy Blogs

www.topmommyblogs.comIf you are a blogger or a mum, then you know that networking is a great thing. Some days it is hard to find someone to ask about that thing you heard/read about while you were at the doctor's/in the grocery/eavesdropping at the playground because you were too nervous to interrupt and introduce yourself. Okay perhaps you have no problem doing that and I will admit there have been days when I am out going and full of courage. There have been other days though, where that is not the case. Those days I would prefer to go home and google it while the kids nap. Some of my favorite mummy websites (read: helpful and/or make me laugh) belong to Top Mommy Blogs so I decided to check it out. There are tons of great websites to be found there and you can choose whatever category you are interested in. Whether you are looking for coupons and frugal living or homeschooling information, Top Mommy Blogs has a list of sites run by parents just like you.

After lots of trolling, I decided to join. What a great place to "meet" other mums and dads. I am so excited to be part of it. And now awesome readers, I have a favor to ask: If you like my website, please click on the banner below, above or to the side. This will give me a vote and let Top Mommy Blogs know that you like it. This will help my rank, which may or may not mean anything to you but know this, by voting, you are helping me get more exposure and possibly reach other mums and dads who care about the same things you and I do. Feel free to click from my site once a day or not at all. Whether you vote for me or not though, check out the other sites that have already joined. You just might find another favorite.

*Note: There is no financial benefit or cost for visiting Top Mommy Blogs, for me or you. This is just a website full of information about other websites that may interest you as it has interested me.


  1. Love Top Mommy Blogs! I voted for you. :)

    1. OMG! Thanks so much. I love your blog. Thanks for voting for me and for stopping over.