Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY wishfulness

Do you ever want to be one of those amazing DIYers? I do, every day. Do you remember being twenty (or younger) and feeling like you could do anything? Like, of course you could totally do that, how hard could it be? I miss that feeling. As we get older, we learn there are proper ways to do things to get the "perfect" results. It is a shame to lose that feeling, no? This past week I started to set up my Pinterest account and of course all the pins that interest me involve home and garden, kids stuff and DIY crafts. Reading how easy so many things were to make, I was given some hope and all my DIY aspirations were brought to the forefront.

As I was doing laundry, I came across an old comforter that has ripped seams. Of course seeing this made me think, what the heck am I waiting for? So I ran upstairs, plugged the sewing machine in (the fact that I know where all the parts are is a miracle considering all the construction in this house.) Halfway through the crooked seam repair, I broke my needle. Then I realized that I couldn't unscrew the old needle. So now I will have to wait until my husband can help me unscrew it, then I need to find a new needle (under the seat that goes with the sewing machine?) so I can finish it another time.  

This whole scenario made me realize a couple of things:
1. I need to get organized if I want to do this more often.
2. I need some serious practice if I eventually want to be able to make these:

I am thinking, perhaps these might be a good project to attempt, after I finish the comforter:
It says that it is for beginners. Hopefully that means me. What projects do you see on DIY sites or in pictures that you want to try?

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