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Naturally Hip Cloth Pads

After using cloth diapers for the two kids, I began to think about cloth pads for me. I perused the Internet and green sites trying to find some recommendations. Most of the recommendations seems very nice but very few used organic fabrics. I finally stumbled across Naturally Hip's Etsy shop.

**Disclaimer** If thinking about or reading about menstruation bothers you, please skip to another post such Once Upon a Flock.

After continuing to look around, I decided on Naturally Hip's mixed pad set so I could test them out.

When they arrived, I was immediately impressed. Each pad is incredibly well sown and wonderfully soft. They are not very thick, like I expected. They are about as think, maybe a little thicker than a regular pad (sans all those yucky chemicals). The snaps were sturdy but not so tight I had trouble unsnapping them.

I promptly washed them all according to the enclosed instructions and tried out all four sizes for two months:

Heavy/Overnight Pad (12.5"L x 3.5"W) (L32cm x W9cm)
I do not tend to have a super heavy flow so the largest size was a bit large and bulky for me. This is the size I would recommend for bed. This one doesn't get much use.

Regular Pad (10.5"L x 3"W) (L27cm x W7.5cm)

This pad had great absorbency for my needs but it was a little longer than I prefer. This is the size that I ended up wearing to bed.

Regular Pad (9"L x 3"W) (L23cm x W7.5cm)
This is the perfect the perfect size for me when I am having regular flow. It is soft, the perfect length, doesn't move around and absorbs for the entire time I am wearing it.

Pantyliner with Wings (8"L x 2.5"W) (L20cm x W6.5cm)
I also loved this one. It is not bulky and is great for the last day or two.

Using the pads:
This was a lot easier than I had anticipated. After removing a soiled pad, I rinsed it immediately in the sink. Using a little soup, I thoroughly rinsed it and threw it into the laundry. If you are washing diapers, throw it in with a load, otherwise, wash with a regular load of laundry. I have done both. I was surprised that there wasn't an "ick" feeling. Most people you mention cloth pads to say "eww!" I wasn't sure whether it would bother me or not. It doesn't

There were a few times that I didn't rinse it immediately and the end result is this: the sooner you wash, the less likely you are to have any staining. I chose the ones made from organic hemp and fleece and the colors are light so they are more prone to staining anyway. We are talking about blood! If you are worried about staining or it creeps you out, order ones that have colored fabric.

Now for a little clarification. For those of you who are wondering why I used these for only two months, here's the deal: I purchased these over a year ago and only needed them for two months. After those two months, I got pregnant with my daughter. I did not use these after I gave birth, I used those terrible maternity ones for the short time afterwards. Perhaps I should have used the large pad but honestly, between the two toddler and the newborn and the holidays, I didn't even think about it.

Right before getting pregnant though, I ordered another one of the 9" regular pads. Now that I am starting to menstruate again, I have started using them again. One year late, I still love them. I am using the regular ones and the pantyliner. I stashed the new 9" pad and have no idea where I put it so I am currently using the two regular ones and the pantyliner from the original set. The drawback from only having 2 pads is that when I take one off, I need to wash and dry it immediately so I can have it ready. The benefit is that I have to wash it immediately (no stains!) and I keep up on the laundry because I am washing the pad with a load. Before my next cycle, I am ordering another 9" and a pantyliner.

Do you use cloth pads? Is there an "ick" factor for you?

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  1. I think cloth diapers take the "ick" away, lol. I'm currently sewing myself a stash.

    1. You are probably right. Cloth diapers make everything else seem washable.

  2. I didn't know such things existed but I am impressed!

  3. Great Post!! I had no idea these even existed! I don't know why I didn't though; I vividly remember my grandmother telling me when I first started menstruating how when she was a young girl they had to hand wash their pads. I, of course, was horrified by the thought. Now, 4 children, and many cloth diapers later - it doesn't seem so bad! LOL Wish I would have discovered these before I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago. ~ Julie

  4. Thanks for being willing to share about a topic that most people won't write about. :) I've been using cloth pads and I think they are just the best thing ever. :)

    Thanks for linking up to Natural Family Fridays. You are one of this weeks featured post! Obviously people don't mind the "taboo" topic! :) Please come back again this week.<3


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