Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Last Days of Summer Squash

It is official: fall is here. Garlic is in, potatoes are prominent on my dinner menu and winter squashes warm the house. So I was surprised and delighted when one of the farmers at the farmers market offered me two week old summer squashes for free. "Oh they have been sitting in the cooler for two weeks but I hate to see food go to waste." Um, yes please!

So last night I found myself wondering what to do with them. Some of you know me but those who don't I must admit there is only one way I like to eat summer squash: fried with breadcrumbs. And they must be made by my dad because no one else has ever made them so perfectly crispy without a trace of sogginess. That is really my problem with summer squash, its sogginess. Unless it is zucchini casserole (cooked in a shallow pan so it is soupy!) or zucchini bread/muffins, forget it. It just isn't my thing. I refuse, however, to turn down perfectly good, organic, free produce. And so Google and I spent a few moments together to help me find a way to use the last of summer's bounty.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Oh Baby It's Getting Chili

So August went the way of July and apparently September too. In a flash they were gone. Well, I am thinking that the growing baby and the garden have helped the months fly by. I have been putting up apples, tomato sauce, potatoes, corn and just about any other produce we can get. Oh and I even put up broth made from chicken feet! That however is another post completely, which I promise to post the next time I make it (because then I will remember to take pictures!).

Today, as I was preparing to process tomatoes, I couldn't decide what to make for dinner with the 1.5 lbs package of beef burger I pulled out yesterday. I started flipping through a couple of my favorite cookbooks for soup recipes where I not only had all the ingredients but also sounded good. I still am not sure how I stumbled across the chili recipe in Food to Live By.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Black Currant Coconut Cookies

As you probably read, I recently had a bummer crop of currants. Last year the chickens ate all of them before we got to them. This year, I was determined to get some for us to make jam with. The jam and dried currants came out wonderfully, however I was left with a ton of currant pulp and while the chickens or pigs would have gladly eaten it, I really wanted to use it for ourselves. Currants are high in fiber, contain lots of necessary vitamins and minerals such as calcium and iron and are high in protein. Needless to say, with all that great nutrition why not eat them ourselves?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Black Currant Oatmeal Cookies

We recently had a bummer crop of currants. I still had a ton of currant pulp left and since currants are really good for us not to mention tasty, I wanted to eat the pulp too. So, in an attempt to use some of my black currant pulp, I decided to modify an oatmeal recipe by the Smitten Kitchen. The author has yet to lead me astray so I figured there was very little chance of them turning out horribly inedible.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Preserving the Harvest: Black Currants 2015

Did you blink and miss July? It seems that I did because guess what? It is August. Seriously, August. And not just any time in August but almost halfway through August! I would like to say that my July was spent being super productive and it kind of was. "Kind of" being the correct phrase. I spent the week after Independence Day preserving our black currants. The rest of the month though, I have been snuggling E2 and getting through the hot days of summer.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Kohlrabi Greens

Have you seen this funky looking vegetable at the farmer's market? It is kohlrabi and it can be green or purple. My husband loved it growing up in Europe but we didn't see it often here until we started going to the farmer's market. We tried growing it one year but we weren't successful. This year I was very excited to Uprising Farm had some on their table. (For those of you who love the visuals, their blog is full of amazing photos.) For someone like me who had never really used it before, I was a little stumped on what to do with it. My husband loves to peel it and eat it raw and the kids seem fine with this too. I however did not want to waste the greens and I wanted to find a way to cook it that I also enjoyed.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Fried Rye Berries plus Rye Pudding

I realize how weird the title sounds but stay with me for a few minutes, then I promise it will all make sense. A few weeks ago our distributor had a 50 lbs bag of organic rye berries on the distressed list for $20. I jumped on it, figuring I could use them for the pigs as either fodder by planting or sprouting the or for sprouting this winter for the chickens.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Garlic Scapes and Pork

So the last few weeks have disappeared in a haze. I don't feel sleep deprived; it is more that any "free" moment I have has been in the garden and the last two days I have spent studying our bee hives. Yep, they arrived on Friday! I will write about them separately though with pictures. I did want to share last night's dinner recipe: Pork "burgers" with garlic scapes.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Potatoes with Turkey Fat

Did you reread the title? No, it isn't a mistake. Last weekend, I helped my dad butcher the six heritage Red Bourbon turkeys we bought last summer. We got them as chicks and then he raised them. That night he carved up one and grilled it. I was shocked at how tender the meat was. The few pieces that were overcooked were a little tougher but it was delicious. He carved up the rest, vacuum sealed them (sending 2.5 home with me! Sweet!) and started making broth. a day and a half later he called and told me he was dropping a pot of broth off so get ready to can. And can it, I did.

Friday, June 12, 2015

No Bake Chocolate Oat Bars

The day I made the granola bars, I was feeling the need to be in the kitchen so I also decided to try a new recipe from The Oregon Cottage, Healthy No Bake Fudge Oatmeal Bars. They looked good and the instructions were simple, plus I had all the ingredients. Alas, if you have a successful recipe, don't try another. Simple bask in your success and wait for another day.