Sunday, September 9, 2012

five things i can't live without

I finished five things i can't live without by Holly Shumas by Holly Shumas this evening. The book was okay. The characters were okay. I liked and enjoyed the peripheral characters more than any of the main ones. I didn't root for the characters and I was not emotionally invested in the outcome. Sometimes I was engrossed but other moments the story lagged. I enjoyed the author's sense of humor; There were definitely some great lines. There was enough humor in her writing that I plan on checking out her other works.
My main complaints were:
1. The passage of time was hard to follow. Perhaps because it took me a week and I often nursed while reading?
2. The book felt abridged, whole sections seemed missing
3. There really wasn't a conclusion. We see the story progress (sort of). Then the end. It doesn't feel like there was any kind of resolution. What is Nora, main character, going to do? What happens with the monkey interactions (to explain would be a spoiler)? Just a feeling of okay... now what? Where's the rest? Almost like watching one episode of a series in the middle of the fourth season. It's okay but most of the personal drama and inside jokes get missed.

If asked about the book, my overall feeling would be eh (insert shoulder shrug). I wouldn't recommend it to a friend but it wasn't so bad that I would advise against it.

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