Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Night Supper (No Food Waste Night 5)

The end of the week. Are you excited about the end of the work/school week or dreading the weekend? Fridays in this house are typically busy. I am trying to get the house picked up so we don't have to think about cleaning plus prepping whatever project we are hoping to get done. I typically forget all about dinner until the kids get cranky and I realize, whoops, I should have started dinner 30 minutes ago.

I had planned on making homemade pizza for dinner but realized this morning, as I made waffles with coconut oil, that I didn't have enough to make the dough. So at 5:30 I scrambled around trying to figure out what we were having. My mother-in-law had brought me a head of broccoli and it was starting to look a little worse for wear so I had to cook that so it didn't get tossed. My meat options were limited: organic hot dogs from Applegate and the meat mix I had made earlier in the week. I thought about the chilis I wanted to make (but no beer) and the possibility of tacos (but no sour cream or lettuce). I could make spaghetti,but I really didn't want to clean up the mess the kids would make. So we settled on hot dogs in the broiler, organic french fries, pan-fried broccoli and the extra grapes. The broccoli had a huge stem so for the first time I got to try making the entire pan-fried broccoli recipe (see previous post), sprinkled with black pepper Parmesan cheese.

The verdict? The hot dogs (first time trying them) were okay. My husband liked them, as did L1, with mustard. The broccoli came out perfect, again. My husband said he really liked the stem and that it was cooked nice and soft. I didn't like the cheese because of the amount of black pepper but my pepper loving husband finished all the broccoli (i.e. no leftovers). The french fries were good. The few extras were the ones that ended up on the floor. Anya enjoyed them or at least I think she did. She ate them so fast I couldn't tell.

The food waste? There was one uneaten waffle (we will eat it tomorrow) along with some scraps from L1's plate. L2 enjoyed the little leftovers throughout the day, working very hard at sucking out every last drop of maple syrup before dropping crumbs on the floor for Anya and reaching for another piece. From dinner, the garlic skin and end of the broccoli went to the chickens. The rest is currently being digested.

While my week is over and the weekend is upon us, I plan on continuing this through the weekend. The double batch of chili is the plan for tomorrow so that we have enough should company visit. If not, lunch next week will be smoky, spicy and filling. I really must pick up the beer; how I managed to avoid the grocery store all week is beyond me.

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