Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trillium Organics Rub

How do you know you love a product? When you can't find it, you 1. search high and low 2. refuse to use something else "to get you through" 3. Seriously consider just how far you would drive to get it, even though you needed it five minutes ago.

We got this vapor rub, OGbaby Breathe Free Tea Tree Organic Aroma Rub, for L1's one year birthday. We have used it all the time, especially during the cold seasons. Last week both kids came down with runny noses and head congestion. What did I turn to? Nothing. That's right, the last time we used it, my son put it "away" ... that was a few weeks ago. Have you ever asked a 22 month old where they put something five minutes ago? How about yesterday? That's right, a few weeks ago was way past his memory. He remembered where it was supposed to be but not where it was. So what to do? Tear the house apart looking for it. And when that doesn't work? Ask your mother-in-law - who spends a lot of time at your house - search too. What's the next step when you love something so much because it works wonders? Google like crazy trying to find the exact product information then call around/drive around to everywhere near by that might have it. Then look online and deal with the internal struggle that says "if I buy it now, it will be here... too late but I will have it for next time... hmmm..." In the end, I bookmarked the Amazon page that had it. The cold passed (mostly). And then this morning, L1 was playing with it in the kitchen when I turned around. I had to return to cooking breakfast to hide my warring "seriously?" annoyance and pure excitement that it had been found. If you have kids, you know exactly what I mean.

This organic rub smells amazing without that medicine smell. There is definitely eucalyptus in it and it clears out the kids airways wonderfully. We put it on their back and chest and they will sleep through the night. Use a nose bulb (we call it the nose sucker but to each his own) in the morning and they are good to go. Not sure what else I can tell you but we love this stuff and I am debating whether to order another one to have on hand since we have two kids now. So far this has lasted us almost a year. Great product, pricey but worth it.

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