Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Real Life Wednesday

This evening I was reading Picklebums Real Life Wednesday post and was inspired to share a few:

In this house underwear is optional as are socks. I pick my battles and this is not one.

There are lots of tears and bumps and magical kisses from Mummy, hourly in fact.

My son's hair is so long (in the front) it covers his eyes but he looks too darn cute and I refuse to cut it until after our holiday pictures. Until his first hair cut, I will continue to tell my family that his head will grow into it. Besides, it is finally long enough to tuck behind his ears.

If there is food on the floor, it must be fruit or broccoli. The dog turns up her nose at both.

I regularly ignore the toys that are strewn across the house because the kids and I are snuggled on the couch, watching out the window and laughing as we roll around onto of each other.

Our book shelves our overflowing on to the floor in every room except the nursery (we removed them when we moved the crib in). L1 (who turned two last week!) can repeat the most of the rhymes in more than 25 books and regularly takes armfuls to the bathroom or couch to read by himself.

I no longer wonder if L2 (10 months) peed on the floor or if it is water. I just clean it up.

Only Mummy and Daddy are excited to go to sleep. "Are they asleep yet?" "I think so." "Excellent." And we sneak upstairs and crawl into bed.

Funny side note on the whole sleeping thing, from the Picklebums website I checked out a cute little laugh until your face hurts story from Wanna Be a Yummy Mummie. Just a little smiles to brighten your day.

What does real life look like at your house?


  1. Loved every one of these and can SO relate!

  2. Love this post! :) Found you via Picklebums! :)

  3. This is such a refreshing post. I'm sharing this on the Sunday Parenting Party this weekend. You can grab an I was featured button from my button page if you'd like one.


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