Monday, December 31, 2012

Almost there

Today is the last day of the year and like every New Year's Eve, I use the end of the day for reflection. For our family, so much has happened this year: we have a baby, we had a family health scare, we had some struggles and some excitements. As a nation we had an election, natural disasters and tragedies. As a global community, we watched the most amazing athletes compete (and sing!).

Today, when the daylight fades I am thinking about all these things. I am thankful for my healthy family. I am having fun chasing my two small ones around the house, taking time to smile with them and remember that the little moments are what matter. Later I plan to curl up with my wonderful husband and say goodbye to 2012 with a bottle of wine and a movie.

Tomorrow, when the sun rises, I hope that I will get to see it and greet the day with a renewed sense of life and beginning. I wish the same for you. Happy New Year.

Please enjoy all the wonderful celebrations responsibly. I, along with everyone else would hate to start the new year with another tragedy.

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