Thursday, December 6, 2012


I don't know about others but the last two weeks I have been feeling rather uninspired. To get myself out of my funk, I decided to spend some free time (no, I do not know exactly what this is but I think it is the time I am supposed to spend sleeping) and peruse Pinterest. I found lots of neat projects but none that really lit a fire under me. Thus I decided to make some of our Christmas gifts this year. I was going to any way but now I made a game plan: cloth napkins, salted hot chocolate mix, hand cream for my mother-in-law, CDs made into a MERRY CHRISTMAS sign and possibly some egg ornaments.

Feeling rather decisive, I ordered the terry cloth (I already had the pretty cloth for the front from planning to make cloth napkins as gifts three years ago), bought most of the ingredients (yes I forgot the darn dry milk and vitamin E) for the mix and hand cream.

Now, two weeks later, the fabric is here, the dry milk is still missing and the CDs, while covered are missing the letters, drilled holes and ribbon. Today I made my first batch of hand cream (using the last of my coconut oil) and although it came out okay using the sweet orange oil, my husband thinks I smell like cake. Every time he comes near me he tells me I smell like cake and L1 starts singing Happy Birthday because the only time he has ever had/seen cake is at birthday parties (plus Papa's birthday was two days ago so he had been practicing).

To be fair, I did also make the second Advent calendar with my sister-in-laws but since we only put the first 12 days up for both kids (and L1's isn't even filled for tomorrow on - yep sleep deprived) I can't really say I have completed any projects. Our icicle lights are also hung up but that's about the extent of our decorating so far. I am just not feeling it. Most of my shopping is done but I cannot seem to get with the holiday program.

Perhaps it is the past week of 50 degree weather and no snow but it doesn't feel like the season. I am seriously hoping that getting our tree and the cookie swap I am attending on Saturday will push me in the right direction. If not, maybe finishing one project fully will encourage me. I know that whenever I finish a project, I am rearing to start another. When I let too much time pass between, it can be hard to get worked up again.

But in the spirit of inspiring someone, here is a holiday flavor to start your day with:

Molasses Cookie Cream of Wheat
2 cups water with a dash of salt
1/3 cup cream of wheat
1 oz maple syrup
1 oz black strap molasses

Bring water to a boil. Add cream of wheat, stirring continuously or lumps will form. Cook 2 1/2 minutes. Add equal amounts of maple syrup and molasses (I use a double shot glass to make life easy) and enjoy. Sprinkle with cinnamon if desired.

What are you doing to get you in the holiday mood?

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