Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Snow in April!

Yesterday, during a rather warm, sunny morning, I hung laundry on the clothes line (just as I have been doing every morning). Alas, as soon as I finished, it started to sprinkle. Then it started raining in earnest. A check of showed that it shouldn't be raining - sorry, wrong again - so I left the laundry out in hopes that this too would pass. It didn't and I didn't go get it.

Last night we got about an inch of snow. The kids were, of course, thrilled. My oldest even tried to use the sled this morning but quickly gave up and came inside as he was cold. Who can blame him? We have had 60 to 70 degree weather for almost two weeks. To wake up this morning to snow is definitely a good reminder that it is still spring, still April and anything is possible.

Snow clinging to our clothes.

The girls' little door was left open as it wasn't supposed to be below 25 degrees last night. When I went out to their coop this morning to give them some water and open their main coop door, allowing them access to the yard, they wouldn't even leave the coop. I had to bring a big tub of food to convince them. They were unimpressed that winter was back.

 The flowers though were poking through, certainly not as chipper as yesterday. they were a welcome sight in the snowy landscape. A gentle reminder that spring is here and warm days are coming.

The sun shone brightly today, melting most of the snow. We still have patches dotting the landscape. The wind blew hard today, cutting through us and it was one of the first days we didn't spend extra time outside, preferring to stay snuggled up with the wood heat and mugs of maple milk: steamed milk with a dollop of dark amber maple syrup.

This evening, as I closed the chickens, we brought the now dry laundry in from the line. Thank you stinging wind! The next load will be hung on the drying rack we got from my parents. Hopefully it will warm up soon. I love the smell of fresh air on our sheets.

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  1. Snow in April is always an unwelcome sight! Hope spring makes its way to you soon :)

  2. Your daffodils are beautiful, even with the snow. Thanks for sharing at our HomeAcre Hop!


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