Monday, June 30, 2014

Ample Harvest

How is your garden growing? Ours is looking good, especially with all the rain we have been getting. Every season I have the best intentions, I plan to can and save every last bit. Then life rolls on and we become overrun with tomatoes and cabbage and basil. I don't ever plant zucchini because so many people I know have a lot of extra. So what do you do with your extra?

Even should you have the best intentions, should you find yourself with extra do  you know what you would do with it? In the past, I would try to give it away. This year, I plan to give it to my local food bank. Through One Hundred Dollars a Month I read about Ample Harvest, a site that shows gardeners their local food banks. I called my local food bank and they do accept extra produce. So now, when I don't feel like eating or canning, I can help others in need. I am excited about having a little extra already. Next year we are going to implement a small space for feeding the needy and plant a little extra of everything to pass on.

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