Saturday, March 19, 2016

Old Log Inn Bar Soap

Spring is coming. It is time for planning, planting, and cleaning. One of the things I need to clean out are all the drafts of articles I started to write but never got to finish. Today, I want to tell you about some amazing local soap I have been using for almost a year: Old Log Inn Naturals.

I discovered them at the farmer's market last year and have been hooked. At first I enjoyed the Peppermint and some other scents. Then I found her Honeysuckle and Plumeria. After that, I only use this soap and Dr. Bronner's Organic Unscented Baby Soap.

Did you know that it takes almost 5 times as much energy to make liquid soap than bar soap? Did you know that the packaging for liquid soap takes almost 20 times more energy than the packaging for bar soap? Bars of soap are unprocessed, last longer, are wasted less and better for the environment.

Did I have you at "wasted less"? People typically cannot judge how much liquid soap they are using the same way they can when they have to pick up and lather bar soap.

All the above reasons are why I prefer bar soap. With the holidays last year we decided to do mainly consumables because everyone uses them. We used our jars of sauerkraut, boiled cider, hot chocolate mix. Recipes to follow in the next couple of months.) Then I added two small, 1 oz bars of soap that I ordered special from Old Inn Naturals: Pumpkin Crunch Exfoliating Coffee soap and Vanilla Hazelnut Exfoliating Coffee soap. These are two of my favorite scents for the holidays, although her Cinnamon Gingersnap is right up there. I asked for them to be completely unwrapped so that there was no extra packaging.

As birthdays roll around, I will be tucking the recipient's favorite scented soap inside a small package of birthday wishes. Perhaps next year, I will have to learn to make a nice soap saver bag to go with it. For now,  New England Naturals Earthline Sisal Soap Saver Bag is my go to. You can tuck all your soap slivers inside and use every last lovely bit. No waste and a few extra weeks of suds.

When I decided to write about Old Inn Naturals, I planned to write about all the great reasons why bar soap is better than liquid soap but LUSH already did a great job of that. You can find literally hundreds of reviews on reasons why bar soap is better so instead of wasting a bunch of time retelling you all the reasons, you can either read LUSH's page or just believe me: it's better. Now that you have some extra time, you can order some soap and then spend some time deciding where to plant those seeds you also ordered/bought at the store. And since you won't have to go to the store as much because you ran out of liquid soap, you will have even more free time to do something you love. May I suggest a great book? Folks, This Ain't Normal is what I am currently reading/listening to. It is fantastic. I might do a review later but honestly, books like this, I just never feel like I can do them justice.

Enjoy (smelling great inexpensively without all the chemicals)!

p.s. If you want to stretch your soap (and dollars) even further, check Don't Waste The Crumbs.

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