Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kitty Baby Love Crayons

What smells remind you of childhood? For me, the smell of crayons take me back. I love the way they smell. Last year, as L1 passed the one year mark, I began to think about crayons. A lot of crayons are made with not so healthy chemicals such as paraffin wax, petroleum, perfumes, etc. Yuck!

The best solution is to use non-toxic crayons made from beeswax or soy wax. Although I cannot prove it, in my personal research, I came across 2 common opinions: beeswax crayons last longer and feel nicer but are harder to clean up i.e. off furniture. The soy crayons fell and draw similar to "regular" i.e. mainstream crayons and easy to clean up/off.

I passed getting L1 any for Christmas. In March though, I was browsing Kickstarter.com (such a fun site!) and came across Kitty Baby Love crayons. They were exactly what I was looking for! I ordered a full set for Easter. The crayons were huge and fit snugly in his hand with no small sections that might break. Even the ears were solid! The egg carton packaging was perfect for his basket. They were nestled in paper grass with a yellow ribbon. Of course the carton lasted all of two months. We now carry them in another basket. What do you think:

We have had them for six months. Five flew to Chicago with us. And for the most part, they get daily use but are still going strong. (The white in the picture is a regular sized egg.) Ears and eyes are still visible.

While they are pricey ($30 for the set), I will happily pay it for my kids, especially since they last. How much would I have spent on regular ones that would have broken and gotten lost by now? There are also smaller sets. I loved them so much, we might give them out as small Christmas gifts. I emailed with the owner about possibly doing a crayon with multiple colors. She can do two colors in one crayon without ruining the color quality. She was also super nice and very helpful.

Now imagine opening the September issue of Kiwi and seeing them listed! I was ridiculously excited and shouted to my husband "Look! It's our crayons!" I think he thought I was a little crazy. It isn't like I made them or anything. The thing is though, I love finding great products that suit not only our needs but our lifestyle. It can be so hard to find products that support a healthy, organic, eco-friendly, fun and stylist life. Mums today are not the hippie moms of the 70s. Doing right by our families and by the environment is not only for a few of us, it is becoming regular and mainstream. While big companies such as Seventh Generation are wonderful at addressing our every day needs, these little mom and pop stores are fulfilling our wants. It is them I love to support. With great products such as these crayons, I know they will also succeed.

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