Monday, September 3, 2012

Squeeze Me

This past Thursday night my 22 month old son L1 was suddenly burning up with a 104 degree fever. Typically we let a fever run its course but once it hits 104 degrees, we do give a dose of fever reducer. With the fever reducer, the fever came down but at the 6 hour mark, it shot right back up so we gave another dose, using the last of the ibuprofen. Come Friday morning, I ran out to get more. When I saw the fruit puree squeeze packs from Ella's Kitchen (organic with no added sugar) at the grocery store I grabbed two.

When I got home, he gobbled the two of them down and then headed off for a nap. Thinking of how much it would cost to buy a bunch, I decided to refill them. Now use your imagination and think: a banana, applesauce and a splash of orange juice, mixed by hand (I don't own a food processor) and a big syringe to fill up these two pouches. It wasn't a huge mess but there were definitely a few design flaws. Fast forward a couple of days...

The pouches are a couple of days old now and have been refilled no less than five times. As I refilled them this morning I began to wonder:
1. is it safe to keep using these?
2. Is there one that I can buy that is made to be reusable?

So I hunted for a product that is safe for my kids and can hold at least 3 oz of fruit puree. After much searching I found these two:
BEABA babypote
Sili Squeeze

The only problem I see is that neither is clear so I not sure if I will be able to tell if all the puree has been eaten or if the pouch has been cleaned thoroughly. I know that I love fruit smoothies and since apparently he does too, I ordered the Sili product. Let's hope it is worth the $12.95 plus shipping.

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