Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Calling all Bread Makers

Hello to all my wonderful readers. I have been rather silent these last few weeks, you have my apologies. This is the time of year where I am rather bear like. I hibernate, I keep to myself and I like to eat mindfully. Eating mindfully also encourages me to pay close attention to what I am eating, which in turn causes me to cook from scratch more. My recent focus has been on finding a good bread recipe.

On that note, I have a favor to ask you: can you send me a good bread recipe that doesn't use sugar? If it is a sandwich type bread, even better.

This February I am going to do a bread making series. I am not an expert but hopefully someone will benefit from my experimenting while I try to find some bread recipes that are:
1. Able to me made organically
2. Not contain processed sugar
3. Easy enough to make daily
4. Kid and husband approved

Any and all recipes are welcome.  Feel free to post links below or email me.

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  1. Great - I'm looking forward to this. It would be wonderful if anyone out there could recommend me a bread-making machine. I don't seem to have had much luck with them so far. Perhaps I need to spend more money on a machine but I always get rather dense, heavy bread that no-one likes. Or do I need to just get a grip and make it by hand? :)


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