Sunday, March 16, 2014

Maggie's Organic Socks

Do you love socks? I may sound a little silly admitting this but I have had a hard time finding a good pair of socks, especially organic socks. My problem is that I like socks that are warm and soft. I also have an oddity: I like socks where the seam doesn't rub against my toes. Most of the time this means that I wear my socks inside out, much to my mum's dismay. Lately I have taken to wearing my husband's socks because they are really warm. They are too big though, so when I read about Maggie's amazing wool socks over at Cheap by Necessity, Frugal by Choice, I was pretty excited. So excited that I immediately told my husband about them. He looked them over and said, "Aren't those the ones I bought you for Christmas?" Umm, kind of...

Yep, he had. Awesome husband that he is, a few years ago, he bought me a multipack of organic cotton socks for my stocking. They were really soft. Unfortunately, they were a little small, thin and they were really low cut. I rarely wore them.

According to their product labels and their website, these socks are made in the USA using fair trade labor from organic fibers. Something I feel really great supporting. If you want to read more about their ethical and sustainable practices, check out their Get To Know Us section on their website on the left hand side. It is nice to know that the products I am using are grown sustainably, the farmers are paid fairly, the product is made relatively locally. Company transparency is not something I see all that regularly but I do love it. It is one of the many reasons I love to shop local.

After shopping around online, I decided to call my local organic grocery. I was over the moon to learn that not only did they carry them but they were 30% off as well. Score!

I purchased three types to see which I would like: the Urban Trail made from organic merino wool ($13.55), Sport Lowcut made from organic cotton ($8.35) and the Mantra Knee socks ($8.35).

I bought two pairs of the Urban Trail, one green (pictured) and one pair of black (not pictured). I love them. They keep my feet nice and warm, plus they are padded on the bottom. the only bummer so far is that these beautiful 160 year old floors are not perfectly smooth so I managed to snag the heel of the black pair. Not to worry, my amateur sewing skills repaired them:

Even the kitty likes them.
The Sport Lowcut socks did not disappoint either. They were not warm enough to keep my feet warm this winter but they fit perfectly in my sneakers. They also kept my feet nice and dry when I was wearing them. They will be perfect once the weather warms up.

The dress socks are not pictured but they were soft and comfortable. I personally would have preferred a pair that didn't say ...just breathe... on them but I didn't realize when I bought them that they had writing on them. Since I would wear them under my pants with dress shoes, it won't bother me. They kept my legs mostly warm. (It was barely zero degrees Fahrenheit so warm is a relative thing.) I would like to buy another pair in another color for my other dress outfits.

These socks definitely live up to the review I originally read. I am going to pick up a couple of extra pairs when they go on sale again, just in case we run into another snag.

Thank you Maggie's Organics for making such a great product.

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