Monday, August 18, 2014

Blackberry Fruit Leather

Every year we pick blackberries. Some years we eat them all and some years we make jam. This year we put two gallons worth or berries through our tomato squeezer and decided to make jam and fruit leather (plus eat as much as possible while out there! I swear to you that one berry that looked a little passed ripe tasted just like a Starburst. It had been a while since I have eaten one of those but it brought back memories.).

Last year I made a few fruit leathers with applesauce to try it out. Honestly, I didn't dehydrate them enough because they were a little gooier than I would have liked but the kids loved them and that is all that matters. This time I mixed a ratio of 1:1 blackberry sauce and applesauce. I dehydrated them in my oven (I have a special feature) for about 12 hours i.e. overnight. The pan you see above is the third batch and as you can see, the ends were cut off before I took the picture. They are disappearing as fast as I can make them. Fortunately I stuck a few in the freezer for this winter when fruit isn't as fresh. They will thank me then.

What do you do with your blackberry booty?

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  2. I hadn't thought of making blackberry fruit leather! We often make blackberry banana ice cream (recipe on my blog, if anyone is interested). But I could see where apples and blackberries would make a great combo. Elderberries taste similar to blackberries, imo, and I just made a wonderful elderberry apple jam (also on my blog). Pinning this for later!

  3. Mmm, I bet blackberry fruit leather is amazing! Wild blackberries are my favorite fruit, second only to the peaches out of my in-law's orchard. :D

    We usually make a bunch of jam with our blackberries, but this year, I froze almost all of them whole for smoothies and baking.


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