Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Squeasy Gear

I want to thank the wonderful people over at Squeasy Gear for not only sending me a 6 oz Squeasy Snacker to review but also for putting up with my tardiness. I promised them a review a week and a half ago and then we came down with a cold. Not one toddler, not two toddlers but a baby and two toddlers and a mummy! Yes it has been rather rough around these parts. So while I had planned on (at the latest) sharing my Squeasy Gear review with you this past weekend, it is now Wednesday. My sincerest apologies and thank you to everyone.

I found this new product through The Top Mommy Blogs website and was excited to try it out. Our family has been enjoying our Sili Squeezes for a while now. Reusable pouches aren't something we need since the boys have no problem using a spoon ad a bowl. I sometimes prefer them because they tend to get less mess on the boys faces and hands. (No matter how well they use a fork, knife and spoon, little hands are always messy!) Plus, first thing in the morning, it is nice to just fill them up with some apple sauce while I make a cup of coffee.

When I received the Squeasy Snacker I liked how durable it felt. I also liked the lack of extra packaging. The tag provided everything I need to know about the product in a single spot. Instead of immediately taking to out and using it, I gave it to E and let her play with it a bit. (It bought me many minutes of free time, an added bonus!)

That night I took the whole thing apart and checked out the pieces.

The top cap is easily removable but also not flimsy and isn't something that the baby will be able to pull off without help. The top is treaded onto a base piece that is also removable. The finger grips make a huge difference. I love them. They make it so much easier to screw the top on and off. Excellent design.

The 6 oz is "a good size" (sorry I couldn't resist.) for the boys but a little big for E. I  know she will grow into it.

The leak proof insert works well and is easy to use and clean. I like that it is easily removable. With the Sili you need two separate tops but with the Squeasy Snacker it is completely all in one.

My only complaint is that we use a lot of thick homemade yogurt (I strain it) and it requires a lot of work on E's part to get it through the leak proof insert. For now, if we are having yogurt, I have to hold it for her and squeeze as she suckles or hold it for her without the insert. That is kind of a pain. I thought that it might just be that E wasn't really sucking but both boys had difficulty as well. It does work great for smooth applesauce or other smooth fruit purees.

Now for the use test. E loves it and gets very excited whenever she sees it. Also, we used it at my parent's house and then forgot it in the car for over a week. Okay, go ahead and think it: a week? Is she nuts? The worst part? It wasn't clean when it went into the car. I was pleasantly surprised when the yogurt and fruit crud washed right out, didn't retain any smell and didn't stain (red berries in a turquoise container). The top pieces were the same. They were easy to clean and just use again.

I would buy this product again for myself and for a gift.

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Have you tried any of the Squeasy Gear products?

Please note that I was given a free product to review but received no financial incentive for my review. All opinions are my own and I am not affiliated with Squeasy Gear. I receive nothing should you choose to purchase one yourself.


  1. Love your messy organic tips...keep them coming! nominated you for a Liebster if you haven't gotten one already! Check it out here..

    1. Thanks so much. I haven't received one yet and since I didn't hear anything I am thinking I still haven't :) I do appreciate you thinking of my though. Please pop in often and if there is anything specific you are looking for, email me directly through the Contact Me section or on Facebook.


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