Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Garlic Scapes and Pork

So the last few weeks have disappeared in a haze. I don't feel sleep deprived; it is more that any "free" moment I have has been in the garden and the last two days I have spent studying our bee hives. Yep, they arrived on Friday! I will write about them separately though with pictures. I did want to share last night's dinner recipe: Pork "burgers" with garlic scapes.

Garlic scapes are in season and I cut ours off to encourage larger garlic bulbs. L2 eats the scapes raw as a snack. Some times though, they can be a bit spicy. After picking up milk, I was making room in the refrigerator for our seven gallons of milk and I realized that I needed to cook the rest of the ground pork I had pulled out of the freezer on Saturday night. I had planned to make burgers on the grill with scallions but I used a little of the package to make pork with pasta a couple of nights earlier when I was late getting dinner on the table. Not sure what I should use the ground pork to make, I looked around the kitchen in hope of inspiration. And what did my wandering eyes find? Garlic scapes.

What does one do with garlic scapes? I have made biscuits with them, but I didn't have any buttermilk. I didn't have scallions for my original recipe and had planned to use onion greens. Needless to say, the onion greens were in the garden while the garlic scapes were on the counter. Total laziness? Totally.

So I used my herb scissors to cut the scapes up and put them and the meat into the KitchenAid. As it was mixing, I started thinking about what to serve it with and thought "Oh, the kids like it with mustard." Yep, I threw some mustard in the mixer too and made up patties. Score!

Pork Burgers with Garlic Scapes
1 lb organic ground pork
1 TBSP whole grain organic mustard
3-7 garlic scapes depending on your garlic preference, minced/finely chopped
salt and black pepper to taste
coconut oil or other oil to pan fry

Put all ingredients except for the oil into the mixer (I love my KitchenAid and use it daily at least once.)
Warm cast iron pan with oil.
While oil is warming, make meat patties. I made ours small because it is easier with the kids, however if you are serving with buns, make patties bun size.

Pan fry patties until they are lightly browned on each side and meat is cooked through.

The verdict? These were delicious. The kids asked for seconds and thirds. Unfortunately I had only made enough for seconds. Next time I will know better and make 1.5 lbs of meat.


What do you use ground pork for?

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